The Most Common French Bulldog Behavior Problems

If you’re searching to buy a French bulldog puppy, then you’ve probably heard many words of praise for these dogs. They’re lively, affectionate, and one of the most iconic-looking dogs in the World. Aside from these facts, it’s good to become informed about the most common French bulldog behavior problems. Since there is no dog without flaws, we recommend every Frenchie lover to read this article.

french bulldog behavior problems

What are the most common French bulldog behavior problems?

Widely known for their witty personalities, Frenchies are taking the world by storm. They currently take the high 4th position in homes all around the world, and this fact shouldn’t surprise us at all. It’s because they’re the best dogs for apartment living conditions, and posses quite calm personalities. They act friendly both toward unknown dogs and kids, so that’s why Frenchies often find places in big families.

However, tailoring your dog’s personality can sometimes turn into a real nightmare because it much depends on you. Regardless of the fact that French bulldogs are known for all these cool features, every dog requires to get the essential training lessons. It’s the only way to live with an obedient family member. Therefore, let’s find out what could be potential French bulldog behavior problems and how to stop them in time.

Clingy behavior

Since French bulldogs belong to companion breeds, it’s pretty clear that this dog will become your mirror. They love their pack leader more than anyone or anything else in the world, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that your pet follows you even when going to the bathroom. It’s because he wants to make sure that everything is ok and that you’re safe.

Strange sound creators

Due to their brachycephalic skulls, Frenchies are complete winners when we talk about producing strange sounds. They’ll howl, cry, bark, talk, snore, and snort just to attract your attention.

Separation anxiety

One of the biggest concerns in this breed is their tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. This type of condition can be prevented if you gradually teach your dog to spend time alone from an early age. You shouldn’t leave your pet alone suddenly, because Frenchies have learned to work by and for their owners. Owners are their main motivation for living and getting up, so sudden realizing that the owner has left the house can cause them to experience real stress.

Chewing behavior

Every dog shows chewing behavior due to different reasons. Some pooches may chew on home items due to boredom, or stress, while others will chew due to painful teeth growing process. As the last option, we can mention the hunger, but it’s one of the rarest reasons. Therefore, one of the methods to prevent a dog from unwanted chewing is to focus his attention to play with toys. French bulldog toys represent great tools for teaching a dog what to chew.

french buldog behavior problems

To save your Frenchie from chewing on home items and your footwear, you can spray them with an anti-chew spray for dogs. It has a bitter taste, so your pet won’t try to bite it again.

How to prevent French bulldog behavior problems?

  • Become your dog’s pack leader

Since dogs are taught to live in packs, you need to set the roles in your relationship. You should teach your dog who is his pack leader and that he is your ‘follower’. This sentence might sound cruel, but it’s the only way to set a healthy relationship and shape your French bulldog’s personality.

  • Teach your dog to spend time alone

Even though you love your dog so much, you’ll do a disservice to yourself by teaching him to follow you around. It means that your dog shouldn’t become your shadow, otherwise you’ll have a lack of free time for yourself.

To prevent your dog from unwanted chewing, it’s essential to teach him to play with toys. Toys are great to prevent boredom and to keep a dog occupied when spending time alone.

toys for frenchies
  • Use good motivational tools

Since Frenchies may act stubborn during training lessons, I recommend you use good motivational tools. You can use your Frenchie’s favorite snacks or an interactive toy that will also improve his intelligence.

My suggestion is to use Bubba Rose gourmet treats for French bulldogs because they don’t contain artificial colors, fillers, and preservatives.

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french bulldog snacks

Can You Leave French Bulldogs Home Alone?

Are you feeling guilty every time you need to leave the house? Well, if you’re the owner of the French bulldog breed, then we totally understand why you’re feeling like that. Can you leave French bulldogs home alone is probably one of the most common questions I hear from my clients. That’s why I decided to relieve this topic and help every Frenchie owner to become aware of their tendency to suffer from separation anxiety.

french bulldogs home alone

Can you leave French bulldogs home alone? Does it sound like a good idea?

A decision to buy a dog was certainly one of the most thrilling moments in your life. Your little Frenchie became your family member who gets happy every time when you’re entering the front door.

Since owning a dog brings certain changes in your everyday routine, you need to carefully think about leaving it home alone for an extended period of time. Note that dogs are social beings and have learned to leave in packs. In this case, you’re your dog’s pack leader, so spending time without you can be a very stressful time for your pooch.

Speaking generally, French bulldogs can be left alone for approximately a few hours a day. The maximum and recommended time is not to leave him/her for more than 5 hours. Therefore, if you’re a busy person, buying a French bulldogs puppy will not be a good ides. These dogs constantly thrive for attention and like to be involved in every aspect of their owners’ lives.

As one of the solutions to help your dog overcome the time of loneliness is to buy the second dog. That’s why dog behavior specialists and breeders often recommend buying the second dog so they can provide each other with emotional support.

french bulldogs home alone

How to teach a French bulldog to spend time alone?

1- Become a pack leader

One of the first lessons to perform when you bring the puppy home is to teach him who is the pack leader. It means that you should set the boundaries and that your pet needs to respect your space.

Besides, every obedient Frenchie should learn the timing for eating and going to potty. I recommend you to establish your position as a pack leader by asking your Frenchie to work. You can do that by taking him outside for a stroll before feeding him. Excercise represents one of the best ways to achieve the dog’s submission and teaching him to act calmly.

2- Teach your dog to spend time in a crate

By teaching your dog to spend time in a crate, you’ll help him better deal with time spent alone. A crate represents his safe place for chilling, playing, and having rest. Dogs instinctively search for small spaces to create safe zones for themselves. It is also an essential part of the housebreaking routine because spending time in the crate will help in controlling the bladder.

Crate training benefits all types of dogs. Whether they’re junior or senior, spending time in the crate will prevent introducing unnecessary stress later.

3- Gradually increase the time spent alone

Even though French Bulldogs belong to companion dogs, they shouldn’t be left home alone for more than 4-5 hours a day. If you haven’t taught your dog to spend time alone, my recommendation is to perform it gradually. First start with lessons of leaving him alone in another room for a few minutes, and then increase to half an hour, hour, and so on.

Make sure you pay special attention to your departure routine because dogs quickly memorize your practice before you leave the house. My advice is to spontaneously change the order of steps you’re doing before you leave.

french bulldogs home alone

4- Use French Bulldog toys

Using French bulldog toys is one of the best things to do for keeping a pup entertained. Besides, they help dogs to easier deal with teeth growing process and improve their intelligence as well.

By providing your dog with toys, you’ll teach him not to chew on home items and showing destructive behavior. As one of the best toys for French bulldogs, I recommend you to have a look at the following Interactive UFO Toy.

french bulldogs home alone

Another Frenchie toy I would like to recommend you use on adolescent puppies to help them release their pent-up energy is the Frenchie Tooth Brush Chew Toy. It features dozens of rubber pins that will massage the dog’s painful gums. Besides, you can put inside the Peanut butter or the dog’s toothpaste if you want to use it for removing tartar and plaque.

french bulldogs home alone

5- Set the potty and feeding schedule

Leaving French bulldogs home alone might sound challenging because they belong to the Molosser family of dogs. In other words, they are very dependable, so spending time alone can cause them to go through real stress. To escape any potty messes and destructive behavior in your dog, I recommend you to alwys stick to the same feeding schedule. When we talk about going to strolls, it’s the best to take your dog outside early in the morning, after eating and drinking, when you come home from work and in the evening before sleep.

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How To Fix French Bulldog Cherry Eye?

French bulldog cherry eye is a condition that affects the dog’s third eyelid. It looks like a red lump protruding from the eye, and if it’s not treated on time, your dog can develop a severe infection and injury. That’s why we will provide you with some useful tips on how to help your pooch who is dealing with cherry eye.

french bulldog cherry eye

French bulldog cherry eye- why does it occur?

Unlike people, dogs have three eyelids. Besides upper and lower, there is also a third eyelid set under the lower eyelid when the eye is closed. The third eyelid produces up to 30% of the total tear film water that lubricates the eyes. It consists of oil, mucus, and water. The main reasons for developing this condition can be the weakness of the ligamentous attachments and a dog’s genetics.

Cherry eye can be visible when your dog is sleeping or when he wakes up from a nap. It looks like a red, swollen ball that seems like it will fall out from the eye every second. French bulldog cherry eye more often occurs in young puppies and dogs up to their second year of life.

What are the symptoms of cherry eye in French bulldogs?

As we already mentioned, a red bump in the corner of the eye is the first symptom. Besides, you can notice that your dog constantly rubs the eye onto the floor, whines, and seems unable to settle down.

Eye dryness, frequent squinting, and even discharge may occur when the condition is left untreated. Conjunctivitis and injured conjunctiva are other issues that can occur if you don’t react on time.

french bulldog cherry eye

How to treat cherry eye in Frenchies?

To prevent or to treat a mild case of the cherry eye, we suggest you to perform a massage of the eye. You should gently and carefully make circular moves around the dog’s eye in order to improve the strength of eye ligaments. Since this condition often occurs due to the weakness of ligamentous attachments, the massage can really help.

Another important step is to visit a vet. Your vet will prescribe you anti-inflammatory eye drops to reduce the swelling. Besides, they will help your pet to decrease the itchiness and will remove the ‘dry eye’ feeling. Luckily, the initial stages of the cherry eye can be successfully treated by using medications and performing massage.

In other cases, your batpig will need to go for surgery. There are different types of surgeries, and the best treatment involves replacing the gland back in its primal location.

The tucking method of surgery includes placing a single stitch to move the gland where it belongs. However, it often happens that the stitch isn’t tied strongly enough to hold the third eyelid permanently.

Newer surgery techniques include pocketing the eye when the wedge of tissue is removed from an actual gland. It must be performed by a brilliant surgeon because it can be challenging to determine how much tissue has been removed.

The last method includes removing the third eyelid. It is also one of the most popular techniques and it is recommended for dogs in whom it has become a chronic disease. However, one of the possible problems that can occur after such a surgery is dry eye. In that case, your Frenchie will have to use eye drops daily.

Wrapping up

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Do French Bulldogs Drool A Lot?

Dogs drool for many reasons. In most cases, it can be caused by eating and drinking but also may be a sign of an illness. ‘Do French bulldogs drool a lot’ is one of the questions you probably want to know. If you’re considering buying a Frenchie, this should be an important feature to take into account.

french bulldogs drool

The reasons why do French bulldogs drool a lot

French bulldogs can drool due to many reasons. In most cases, they drool after eating and drinking, but also after excessive exercise. However, if your Frenchie drools uncontrollably, it can be the sign of a much more serious issue. Let’s find out all the reasons why do French bulldogs drool a lot.

Excitement & Food

No one can show excitement like our dogs! These affectionate creatures run into our hugs like they haven’t seen us for years and such behavior can be one of the reasons for their drooling.

On the other hand, the smell of tasty food is another trigger that wakes up their senses of smell. French bulldogs drool from the same reason we salivate when we smell something yummy. Waiting for a tasty meal and hearing the sound of preparing the meal can cause your pooch to drool uncontrollably.

Anxiety or fear

You might don’t know, but French bulldogs are prone to suffer from separation anxiety. To escape this occurrence, you need to gradually teach your pet to spend time alone. Drooling is one of the symptoms because the fear and anxiety that a dog goes through can be severe. Besides drooling, a dog will pant, shake, and excessively lick his paws.

french bulldogs drol

Dental issues

A Frenchie who deals with dental issues and tartar and plaque collected can drool excessively. You can even find traces of blood in their saliva, so in that case, you should visit a vet in order to help your dog. Untreated bad breath, lumps in the mouth, and bloody gums can end up by tooth loss.

Teeth-growing process

Puppies who go through a teeth-growing process can drool a lot. Their gums are swollen, red, and irritated, so chewing different dog toys can be helpful. Besides, you can use different cooling-gels that are safe for dogs and apply them to your pet’s gums.

Heat Stroke in French bulldogs

As you already know, Frenchies are on a higher tendency to get a heat stroke due to their brachycephalic skulls. Therefore, you should be especially careful when going outside in the summer. Choose cooler parts of the day, and pay attention to your dog’s hydration to avoid this issue. Drooling can be the sign of overheating, and in that case, you should help your pooch cool off immediately.

Using cooling beds for French bulldogs and dressing them into cooling vests can help a lot.

french bulldogs drool

Motion sickness

Not only humans but also our dogs can suffer from motion sickness. Therefore, I recommend you pay attention to your dog’s body language while traveling. To help your Frenchie easier overcome the journey, you should avoid overfeeding him before the trip.

Besides, you can also place his dog seat forward, and to leave one window open.


Dogs will drool if they ate, licked, or sniffed something poisonous. It could be the plant, floor-cleaning chemical, or even a drug your Frenchie tried. In that case, you should immediately see a vet to perform gastric lavage.

Other reasons why can French bulldogs drool

Other reasons for your Frenchie’s drooling can be:

  • mouth injuries
  • rabies
  • different organ diseases
  • drooling while sleeping

The most important thing to spot if your dog excessively drools is to observe the accompanying symptoms. Shaking, trembling, lethargy, loss of consciousness, vomiting, diarrhea, and other signs can help you to determine the trigger.

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