Summer Safety Tips for English Bulldogs

Summer is a great time to play outside with your English bulldog. However, because English bulldogs are particularly susceptible to heat, as an owner, you need to be extra careful during the summer time. Here are some practices you should follow to make sure your English bulldog can keep having their fun in the sun:


As we’ve said before, English bulldogs are more susceptible to heatstroke and overheating than other breeds. This is due to their shorter breathing systems that make it harder for them to cool down. As a result, you should always be careful of how much time your English bulldog spends outside, and always be on the lookout for the signs of heatstroke/overheating (heavy breathing, tongue hanging out, a bluish cast to their tongue, drooling, mild weakness, etc.). If your dog is exhibiting any signs, take them inside immediately and give them cool water. In serious cases, take them to a veterinarian to be treated.


On a 70-degree day, the temperature in your car can rise to 90-degrees within minutes, and 120-degrees within 30 minutes. In such conditions, it won’t take long for your dog to suffer from heatstroke or suffocate. So if you’re leaving your car, even if it’s just for a minute, bring your dog with you, or simply leave them at home.


Whether outside or inside, always have a bowl of cool (not cold) water lying around for your dog to drink from. Keeping them hydrated is an important part in preventing heatstroke or overheating, especially while they’re outside.


English bulldogs don’t have very long hair, but because of their susceptibility to heat, some owners think shaving them will help. However, this actually has the opposite of its intended effect. The layers of a dog’s coat actually protect them from overheating and sunburn, so by shaving their fur, an English bulldog will be in more danger of heatstroke or overheating than they were before.

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Can English Bulldogs Swim?

One of our favorite summer pastimes is to go out for a swim. Whether it be at the beach or in the pool, lots of people love swimming. They also love bringing their furry canine friend along with them. While many dogs love to go swimming, not all do, and certainly not all should. English bulldogs fall in with the latter crowd.


Many English bulldog owners ask the same question: can my English bulldog swim? The short answer is no, they can’t. The longer answer is that while some can make a good attempt, swimming is still very dangerous for most English bulldogs. This is because their general physical attributes make them terrible swimmers. Their bodies are heavy and robust, meaning they’ll sink very quickly, and since their legs are short, they can’t paddle fast enough to stay afloat. As a result, an English bulldog in water could drown in a matter of seconds.


No one wants to keep their dog from things that they love. If your English bulldog really loves the water, then the best thing to do is to find a Bulldog life vest. This will ensure that they stay afloat in the water—just make sure it’s the proper size for your English bulldog (as a rule of thumb, puppies should wear a small size, and adults a medium size). Then, have a few trial runs by putting the life vest on your pup and letting them get used to it while they’re still on dry land. When it seems like the life vest doesn’t bother them, then you can take them into the water, but stay near them at all times.

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Tips for Traveling with Your English Bulldog

While the summer may be winding down, there’s still time for people to squeeze in one last vacation, especially with Labor Day just around the corner. If you’re an English bulldog owner, you may even consider bringing your four-legged friend with you on your trip. While your English bulldog will surely love a vacation, there are some things you should know before heading out on your next adventure:


At least a few weeks before your scheduled trip, take your dog to the vet for a regular checkup to make sure that they’re healthy enough to go on a trip, and to ensure they’re up to date on all of their vaccinations. If you’re leaving the country, you’ll also want to obtain a copy of their vaccination certificates, specifically those for rabies.


To make it easier on the both of you, pack a travel kit full of everything your dog might need. This includes:

  • Food and water
  • Leash or harness
  • Their favorite toy
  • Identification
  • Health/vaccination certificates
  • First aid kit
  • Brush
  • Dog waste bags
  • Medications


As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, English bulldogs are susceptible to heatstroke and/or overheating. As such, you should take extra precautions when traveling with your pet. Have a bowl and bottle of water on-hand so that even when you’re in the car you can give your English bulldog some water.


If you’re traveling by car, be sure to stop frequently to let your dog walk around, go to the bathroom, eat, and get a drink of water. Many rest stops have areas for your pet to walk around, just be wary of the other dogs.


Flying is stressful for everyone, whether they walk on four legs or two, but it’s especially so for English bulldogs. This is because, while the cargo hold is air conditioned, it doesn’t have much insulation and it can get too hot for them. Bulldogs also can have a hard time breathing, and this can be exacerbated by the poor ventilation in the cargo hold. So, if you can, drive to your destination instead of flying. If you have to fly, then check out these tips for minimizing the risk and stress for your bulldog.

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Fall Safety Tips for Your Dog

All pet owners worry about summer. The heat, the bugs, and the pools all pose unique threats to our four-legged friends. But when summer fades into fall, that doesn’t mean that you and your pet are completely out of the woods. Fall may not have the same dangers that summer does, but there are plenty of things that can pose a risk to your dog:


The majority of mushrooms are safe to eat, but there are a handful that are extremely toxic to our pets, and those are the ones that you need to watch out for. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell the difference between toxic and non-toxic mushroom. So, play it safe, and keep your dog away from any mushrooms that may be growing in your yard.


With colder weather comes anti-freeze. We need them for our cars, but they can be lethal to our pets. Both dogs and cats are known to try and drink anti-freeze, so check your car for leaks and tuck the bottle away where your pet can’t reach it.


Fall may not be as cold as winter, but it can certainly get chilly, especially for English bulldogs as they have a shorter, thinner coat. As the colder weather comes, restrict how much time your dog spends outside, at least until their thicker winter coat comes in.


English bulldogs are susceptible to joint problems. This can be exacerbated by the cold fall temperatures. If you see your dog limping or whimpering as they walk, call your veterinarian to see what can be done to ease the pain.


Halloween and Thanksgiving are the biggest holidays in fall; they also happen to be the biggest food holidays. The food we eat during Halloween and Thanksgiving can be potentially toxic to our dogs, so keep it up and out of reach. Plus, if your dog is skittish, you should keep them sheltered in a separate room while visitors come in and out of your home.

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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holidays are a time to spread happiness and cheer. For obvious reasons, we want our four-legged friends to join in on the fun. Yet, as wonderful as the holidays can be, they can also pose specific threats to our pets. So, make sure your pets have a happy holiday by following these essential safety tips:


From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, there’s going to be a lot of food in your house. Much of this food, however, can be toxic to our pets. Chocolate, yeast dough, turkey skin, and other foodstuffs are all poisonous to animals. So, while it may be tempting to give your dog some table scraps, play it safe by keeping the food out of reach.


We love decorating our houses for the holidays, but there are some precautions you should take when doing so. Christmas trees, for instance, should be tied down to prevent your pet from knocking them over. The tree water should also be covered, as it can cause your pet to get sick if they try to drink it. Additionally, you should avoid placing any mistletoe or holly in your home, as both are poisonous to pets, and any decorative lights should be kept up and out of reach where they can’t be chewed on them.


Your house will likely be filled with guests during the holidays. If your pet is sociable and outgoing, then this probably won’t bother them. However, if they’re anxious or shy around strangers, then it’s best to keep them in a separate room with their favorite blanket and/or toy until everyone leaves.

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A Brief History of the English Bulldog

When you glance over at your English Bulldog curled up on your couch, it’s hard to imagine them doing anything else. However, the ancestors of our beloved English bulldogs actually had a much different life. It was one that involved fighting with Roman soldiers, going to head to head with bulls, and facing the threat of extinction.


While the English Bulldog as we know it didn’t come about until the 19th century, their ancestry goes far back, all the way to Roman times. From roughly the 1st century BCE to the 5th century CE, there existed a breed of “broad-mouth” dogs who fought alongside Roman soldiers. Called Alaunts, this breed was eventually introduced to Britain when the Romans invaded in 43 CE.


By the 1600s, Alaunt dogs were being bred specifically for bull-baiting, a barbaric sport popular in England at the time. This “sport” trained dogs to latch onto a bull’s nose and not let go until the dog pulled the bull to the ground, or the bull had killed the dog. It was at this time that people started fittingly referring to these dogs as “bulldogs.”


Thankfully, bull-baiting was eventually outlawed in 1835, but the downfall of bull-baiting also spelled the downfall of bulldogs. The breed was reaching extinction in England, but some were brought to the United States and Germany. In the United States they worked as herders, eventually becoming the American Bulldog breed; in Germany, they were crossbred and became the Boxer breed.


Back in England, the bulldog was nearly extinct, and it would have gone that way had it not been for a few, ardent supporters who sought to rescue the dying breed. These bulldogs, however, were not bred for aggression like their bull-baiting ancestors, but were instead bred to be lovable companions. They were affectionate and amiable despite their “sourmug” expression, becoming the English bulldogs we know and love today.

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Unique Gift Ideas for Your English Bulldog

The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time to start placing some presents underneath your Christmas tree. While many of those presents will be going to your two-legged friends and family members, you certainly don’t want to forget the four-legged ones, such as your friendly English bulldog. If you own an English bulldog, then here are some gift ideas to help you find the perfect Christmas gift this year.


English bulldogs have strong jaws, so they love to chew on things. Rather than letting them chew on your favorite sweater, give them some bully sticks this holiday season to chew on instead. Bully sticks last longer than most chews and treats, plus they’re completely digestible.


This is a gift for your dog, as well as for yourself. A Furbo Dog Camera can keep an eye on your pup while you’re away; this is something that can be especially helpful for people who are stuck in the office all day. In addition to watching your dog, you can also speak to it with two-way audio and give it treats with the built-in treat dispenser even if you’re miles away.


As we said, English bulldogs love to chew, so you may find that the bully sticks aren’t enough to satisfy them. If that’s the case, consider getting a KONG tire. These are extremely durable, and they can stand up to even the most incessant chewers. They can also act as a fetch toy to get your English bulldog some additional exercise.


English bulldogs are not the most energetic breed. Instead, they spend a lot of time relaxing and taking naps. So, why not provide them with the perfect napping spot? It can be tough finding the perfect dog bed yourself (after all, you don’t want to spend all of that money just for your dog not to use it), so have your dog try out different beds before buying.

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4 Tips for Naming Your English Bulldog

Congratulations! You’ve just adopted an adorable English bulldog puppy. While it may have been love at first sight, that won’t make naming your puppy any easier. We humans have difficulty naming our own children let alone our pets. So, if you’re scratching your head on what to name the newest addition to your family, then read over our tips on naming an English bulldog.


Dogs respond better to short and simple words. It’s why our commands are one or two words (sit, stay, lie down, play dead) rather than a sentence (“Please lie down on the couch”). Their names should be the same way. While you can certain make up a long and playful name for your dog such as Sir Patrick Von Pawson, you’ll want to call him by something with only one or two syllables, like Pat or Patrick.


Every English bulldog puppy has their own unique quirks and personality. You should keep this in mind when naming them. You don’t have to name your puppy right away, after all, and learning what their personality is like will help you narrow down on your possible choices. If your dog is athletic, for instance, you could name him after your favorite athlete.


While you want to keep your names short like commands, you don’t want to have them sound like commands as well. If you have a dog named Pitt, for instance, your dog could confuse it with “sit” and end up sitting down every time you call his name.


You can name your English bulldog a normal sounding name such as Toby or Jess, but don’t assume you’re limited to those options. With pet names, you can get more creative and playful than you can with human names, so have fun with it! Play around with whatever silly names come to mind and see if it fits your dog.

How to Groom Your English Bulldog

Don’t let their short-haired coat fool you—English bulldogs need to be regularly groomed just like any other breed. While they are lower maintenance than, say, a Bearded Collie, English bulldogs still have specific needs that need to be tended to.


You should be brushing your English bulldog’s coat every day in order to get rid of all of those dead hair and skin cells. Thankfully, brushing their coat only takes a few minutes. Get a soft-bristled brush and gently work through their coat, starting at the head and working down to the tail.


Unlike with brushing, you don’t need to bathe your English bulldog every day. You’ll really only need to bathe them when it’s needed, such as when they start to smell or have dirt in their coat. When you do take them for a bath, make sure you use dog shampoo and pay special to his rear end, a part of the body that English bulldogs have a hard time cleaning themselves.


No one likes trimming their dog’s nails, but it is necessary in order to prevent breakage or overgrown nails. If you don’t have any experience trimming a dog’s nails, then take them to a groomer or vet. If, however, you plan on doing it yourself, then ask the experts at your local pet store what type of clippers you should buy as different types work best for different breeds.


Those wrinkled faces may be adorable, but they can also be prime spots for bacteria and dirt build-up, resulting in serious infections. Grab some medicated pads from your local pet store and wipe your bulldog’s face at least a few times a week.


This is another task that neither pets nor pet owners enjoy but is nevertheless necessary to keep them healthy. Brushing your dog’s teeth at least three times a week will prevent periodontal diseases that could compromise their health. Just be sure not to use human toothpaste and this can be poisonous to your English bulldog.

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Rare Colored Bulldogs are gaining in popularity

Did you know that the original bulldog was chocolate? 

How did the first chocolate color evolve into what is traditionally known as the standard colors now? With the many years of breeding to perfect the bulldog breed to be a loving loyal pet, it is only natural to expect some color changes also.


When we talk about the bulldog breed standard, I always go back to the AKC bulldog standard. There should not be any more health concerns with a rare color bulldog then there are with a standard color. Like any good quality healthy bloodline, you would always want to breed into that line good qualities. A good breeder will never risk a dog’s health.


Ok, so the rarest color now is the Merle, the most unique and strange coatcolor. The fur has hundreds of markings usually colored in dark brown or black. The color that dominates is usually cream, white or fawn all mixed with other darker colors. Other rare colors include Black, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac. With those combinations, you can throw in the tri-color brand.


Tri basically means that you have three colors present, the most typical we see is the solid body color in fawn or red with the tan points (meaning on the feet and around eyebrows) And white. There is a genetic test that can be done to determine whether your dog has certain colors and combinations even if they don’t show it. You can learn more about genetic color testing at animal genetics.


The most common color you will see in the English Bulldog breed as of the present time is the fawn and white English Bulldog. The Red and White Bulldog come in second and then, of course, is the Brindle English Bulldog

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