How To Protect A French Bulldog Against Ticks And Fleas?

Removing ticks from your Frenchie’s fur is definitely not a moment of fun. Not only these parasites look so damn ugly and scary, but they can also transmit different diseases. That’s why we want to reveal to you the answer to the question ‘How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas?’ Fleas are another potential danger to your Frenchie that can turn into a dead-end problem if you don’t treat them on time.

How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas

How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas?

If the ticks or fleas are left untreated on a dog’s skin, they can cause severe diseases. Ticks bury their head and legs into the skin and cause itching and redness that may grow into an infection. On the other hand, fleas cause severe itching because dogs show allergy to their saliva.

Let’s discover what are the signs of these two biggest nightmares for you little gremlin.

The signs of flea infestation in French bulldogs

Seeing your Frenchie biting, scratching, and itching his fur is in most cases the sign of flea infestation. These almost invisible creatures cause not only sharp pain while biting, but they also cause allergy in your French bulldog. Adult fleas are usually 8 inches long. They are very thin and reddish-brown, so it can be very hard to notice them if your dog has the coat in a similar color.

As you already know, fleas jump but the good news is that they don’t stay long on a human’s body. It’s because our bodies are too cold for them to survive. However, we can surely get a few flea bites if our dogs are having them.

How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas

Pay attention to a ‘flea dirt’

You’ve probably heard of ‘flea dirt’. It looks like pepper and you can spot it in your Frenchie’s skin, your dog’s bedding, carpet, and other furniture. In this case, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your home with a vacuum cleaner and ask the vet what type of product to use for spraying the interior. P.S. Don’t forget to throw away the garbage bag from your vacuum cleaner when you finish.

The signs of ticks on French bulldogs

Luckily, or not, ticks are usually not as numerous as fleas. However, if the tick is infected, it can contaminate your Frenchie with one of the following diseases:

Lyme disease– It comes from the deer tick, and can cause stiffness, lameness, loss of appetite, fever, swollen joints, and fatigue. Your dog may not show signs of the disease until several months after infected.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever-  It comes from the American dog tick, the lone star tick, and the wood tick. Symptoms include stiffness, neurological problems, fever, and skin lesions. The illness usually lasts about two weeks, and unfortunately, the serious cases could result in death.

 Canine Bartonellosis- The brown dog tick is the main transmitter of this disease.  Symptoms include lameness and fever and if you leave it untreated, it may result in heart or liver disease.

Canine Babesiosis- It occurs due to bites of American dog tick and the brown dog tick. If you don’t spot it on time, it causes anemia, pale gums, weakness, and vomiting.

How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas? – the life-saving solutions

The tick treatment may include several options. If you’ve already spotted that your Frenchie’s having a tick on his skin, you need to go to see a vet in order to perform tick removal. It should be done by a professional because if you leave the tick’s head or legs, there is a risk of getting an infection.

When we talk about tick prevention, different anti-tick and flea shampoos may help. There is also a preventative vaccination that may decrease the risk of getting ticks. On the other hand, fleas can also be prevented by using different products. Besides applying anti-flea oil, you can also try different powders.

However, since the Frenchies have sensitive skin, you need to pay attention when choosing a specific product. Artificial colors and ingredients may cause only the opposite effects if your Frenchie acts sensitively to different elements. If you notice that your dog shows unusual behavior, then the product you’re using doesn’t suit his skin. In that case, you should discontinue use immediately and give you Frenchie antihistamines oral therapy.

As one of the best options to prevent your French bulldog from ticks and fleas, I want to mention using anti-tick and flea collars. The following collars I tried on my Frenchie and I certainly claim they work.

By using the following tick and flea collar, your Frenchie will be able to freely spend time outside without showing any signs of allergies on the collar ingredients. The package consists of two adjustable collars. They are waterproof, so your dog will be able even to swim with this collar on.

Another French bulldog collar that will keep your pet safe from these ugly creatures is the collar that is rich in natural herbal repellents such as citronella oil, peppermint essential oil, and lemon essential oil. It comes with 2 collars in a pack and provides up to 8 months of protection.

When putting this type of collar on your dog’s neck, you need to leave the space for 2 fingers under the collar when it’s around the dog’s neck. Cut off any excess length of collar to prevent your dog from chewing on it.

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French Bulldog VS Pug- Who is a better pet?

Are you still having a dilemma what dog breed to choose for your family? Well, it’s probably a tough decision especially if you find equally cute French bulldog and Pug. That’s why we decided to make an in-depth guide and compare French bulldog VS Pug.

French bulldog Vs Pug- Which one to choose for your home?

If we have a look at the features of these two breeds, we will notice that they look very similar even though Frenchies have erected ears. They both have brachycephalic skulls and wrinkled faces and belong to companion dog breeds.

french bulldog vs pug

French bulldog VS Pug- the history of two breeds

Despite the fact they look so similar at first glance, Frenchies and Pugs actually have different origins. The Pug is older than a Frenchie and its roots go back to ancient times. They have originated from China around 700 years BC. They were bred to serve as lovely companions of royal dynasties, so if we compare them with Frenchies, they definitely had more luck.

In the 16th century, Pugs became popular in Western Europe, in the House of Orange of the Netherlands. They also were popular pets in the House of Stuart in the UK. In the 19th century, Queen of Victoria showed a passion for these pooches and decided to pass the tradition of keeping these pets.

French bulldogs’ history reveals that these little pooches served as companions but to Nottingham lacemakers. Therefore, they didn’t enjoy luxury life as their similar-looking fellows. French bulldog VS Pug history tells us that these two breeds have nothing in common when we talk about their roots. Frenchies came from England, and thanks to lace workers, they later emigrated to France.

Discover who were Famous French bulldogs through History.

French bulldog VS Pug Personality

If we compare French bulldog vs Pug personality, we will find out that both breeds act very friendly toward other dogs and people. Just like Frenchies, Pugs belong to lapdogs that like to sit in their owners’ laps rather than going to strolls.

Both breeds don’t bark much and make kind and gentle friendships with kids of all ages. They easily fit different types of environments but should not be left alone for a long period of time. That’s how they may develop a condition called dog separation anxiety. Since they are companion dogs, they make strong bonds with their owners.

French bulldog VS Pug Size

Both pooches belong to small-sized dogs, but if we compare them in detail, Frenchies are stockier, have bigger heads, and a higher percentage of muscle mass. In comparison with Pugs, French bulldog’s size leads. Pugs weigh between 14-18 pounds, while Frenchies weigh between 16-28 pounds. When we talk about their height French bulldog VS Pug are the same in height.

French bulldog VS Pug appearance

French bulldog appearance:

  • French bulldog tail: French bulldog doesn’t have a tail. Instead of tails, it has tail pockets.
  • French bulldog ears: They have erected, bat-shaped ears.
  • French bulldog head: These pooches have square heads and flat muzzles.
  • French bulldog colors: Frenchie’s coat comes in a wide variety of colors. Besides regular colors, they also come in BlueLilac, Chocolate, Merle and Isabella colors that are otherwise known as Rare French bulldog colors.

Pug appearance:

  • Pug tail: Pugs have curled and short tails. The double curl is perfection according to the AKC.
  • Pug ears: These little frogs have flopped ears like English bulldogs.
  • Pug head: Unlike Frenchies, Pugs have round heads. They also have brachycephalic skulls and unlike Frenchies, their eyes can be only black in color.
  • Pug colors: Pugs have fawn and black combination of the coat. Their coat is also thicker.

french bulldog vs pug

French bulldog VS Pug training

When we talk about the training lessons, Frenchies definitely win the race! They are considered for more intelligent pooches that easier learn house break routines and other tricks as well. Both pooches are stubborn, but Pugs are definitely not in a mood to spend plenty of time on training lessons.

French bulldog VS Pug Health issues

Since these two breeds have brachycephalic skulls, they are on a higher tendency to suffer from hypothermia and overheating. Despite Pugs have thicker coats, they also require wearing clothes in cold weather just like Frenchies.

Breeding of these two breeds is quite difficult because they both have narrow hips. In other words, they need to go through artificial insemination and pregnant bitches must deliver puppies by going through C-section surgery.

Other health issues that may occur in Pugs and Frenchies are allergies. Thanks to their shortened nostrils, these pooches often suffer from environmental allergies. Allergens that can cause itchiness, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes are usually pollen, dust, mites, and molds.

Wrapping up

We all agree that these two breeds have many features in common despite they come from different parts of the World. In case you’ve decided that a lovely Frienchie or a playful Pug should become your next pet, we advise you to carefully choose a breeder. A trusted breeder should ensure you that the dog is cleared from all potential genetic diseases. Read our article about French bulldog puppies for sale to discover the tips to keep in mind when buying a pet.

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Clothes For French Bulldogs- The Cutest Spring Picks

Buying new clothes for French bulldogs might be one of the most thrilling moments in your life. Since you consider your pet for a family member, it’s the right time to refresh his/her closet with some new picks for the spring season 2020. Let’s discover what are the cutest spring picks of clothes for French bulldogs.

Get ready for the new spring season- Clothes for French bulldogs!

French Bulldog Leopard Shirt With Transparent Neon Pocket

Frenchie World online store that is specialized for the French bulldog breed decided to refresh their collection with incredibly cute patterns and vivid colors. Whether you want to find a shirt for your Frenchie, or a hoodie, they have them all. The following brand new shirt for your little gremlin comes in leopard pattern to make your pooch spotted. The shirt is decorated with a transparent neon pocket and will bring some wild moments to your dog’s outfit.

clothes for french bulldogs

Floral Summer Daisy Frenchie Tee

Available in two colors, your little pup will look cute as a flower in this Floral summer daisy Frenchie Tee. It’s made of 100 % cotton and may serve as a great protective layer against allergens over your dog’s skin.

clothes for french bulldogs

French Bulldog Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

Inspired by the human wear, this French bulldog shirt represents a perfect choice for special occasions. Whether you want your dog to look elegant or chic, this shirt makes one of the best picks for the spring season. Who’s told that clothes for French bulldogs should look ordinary and basic? Break the tradition by dressing your pooch in this 100 % dog shirt.

clothes for french bulldogs

French Bulldog Summer Pop Art T-shirt

In case you’re a lover of pop-art clothes, then your dog gotta have a piece of wardrobe inspired by this art movement. The following tee represents a marvelous pick for the spring season. Whether you want to protect your fellow from sunrays or environmental allergens, we are sure that your dog would enjoy wearing it.

French Bulldog Distressed Denim Jacket

Denim jackets always sound like a good choice for chilly spring evenings. That’s why we’ve decided to put on the list this French bulldog jacket. Denim never goes out of style, so you’ll surely not make a mistake by choosing it for your pet.

Three Stripes Frenchie Hoodie

If you are a lover of sporty clothes, then your little pooch definitely needs to have a piece of clothing inspired by the clothes of his/her owner. This three stripes Frenchie hoodie can be worn on crisp and breezy spring days when your four-legged friend needs a layer to stay warm. It’s made of cotton and has the zipper to ease the dressing.

clothes for frenchies

Camouflage French Bulldog Hoodie

Designed in camouflage patterns that year by year take the place of one of the best-selling picks, this Camouflage sporty French bulldog hoodie is perfect when going to evening strolls. It’s available in 2 colors and the fabric is stretchable, so your pup won’t feel uncomfy while wearing it.

Frenchie World® Hawaiian shirts

Your Frenchie deserves to look equally cool as you and you’ll succeed it by dressing him into this cute Hawaiian shirt. Available in different patterns and colors, your dog will look like a million-dollar babe in this pick.

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How Often To Bathe A French Bulldog?

Just like humans, our four-legged friends require regular baths. As an owner of this breed, you might ask yourself a question ‘How often to bathe a French bulldog?’. Since Frenchies have numerous folds on their bodies, their owners should pay special attention to those special spots.

how often to bathe a french bulldogHow often to bathe a French bulldog? – Revealed

We all know that French bulldogs have short, one-layered coats. Just like other dogs, they also shed and require to be groomed. Besides grooming, bathing a Frenchie is another process that will supplement the hair growing. How often to bathe a French bulldog is probably one of the most common questions I hear from my clients. Well, there is no prescribed rule for such a routine, so there are some things to consider before you determine the frequency.

  • Consider your French bulldog’s activity level

Does your dog act as a messy piglet and loves to roll in the grass? If you need to clean not only his paws but also his fur when you get back from the outside, then you have full hands of works. Since it’s not healthy to bathe your Frenchie every day with water and shampoo, you should consider other options for cleaning.

As a replacement, you can use Frenchie World dry cleaning foam and wet towel that will help you remove all the dirt from his fur. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and it’s rich in herbs that provide the skin with essential and healthy moist. So, when you want to escape bathings, you need to take a wet towel, gently rub the fur, and then to apply the foam.

how often to bathe a french bulldog

Excessive dog bathing may lead to skin drying and developing other skin problems such as sebum secretion and dandruff production.  Your Frenchie needs natural oils produced by the skin to promote hair growth. Therefore, in this case, the less is more.

  • Consider your French bulldog’s skin type

Another fact that will help you reveal the question ‘How often to bathe a French bulldog?’ is your dog’s skin type. Does your dog suffer from allergies? Does he have dry and flaky skin? Well, these are only some of the important things to consider.

If your dog developed any of the previously mentioned issues, I recommend you to consult with your vet before determining the frequency of baths.

In case your pooch doesn’t show any issues, then you can bathe him with shampoo and water once per month. Frenchies have numerous folds that require to be cleaned in the meanwhile. They can collect dirt, moisture, and food leftovers that may trigger severe irritations.

how often to bathe a french bulldog

What is the best shampoo for a French bulldog?

Frenchies are known as dogs with a tendency to have sensitive skin. Therefore, the shampoo you choose should be free of artificial colors and rich in herbs that release itchiness and redness. The following Byozim Shampoo is available in different types and available in a pack of 500ml.

how often to bathe a french bulldog

Another shampoo that I tried on my Frenchie is the following SOS Natural pet shampoo. It contains Aloe Vera which is famous for its soothing effect.

What brush to use when bathing a Frenchie?

Well, we all know that bathing a dog is a messy time for both of you. That’s why you should consider using tools that will ease the process. The following brush has dozens of soft silicone pins and a box where you should add your Frenchie’s shampoo. As you make circular movements and push the silicone lid, the brush will release the shampoo and make the foam. At the same time, the pins will provide your dog with a pleasant massage.

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Why Does My French Bulldog Have Runny Poop? Revealed

‘Why does my French bulldog have runny poop?’ is one of the issues that every Frenchie owner confronts at least once in a lifetime. Diarrhea in French bulldogs is certainly not an exciting topic, and it may occur due to many reasons. If it’s not treated on time it may lead to a dog’s dehydration, so that’s why you need to know how to help and solve this health issue on time.

Why does my French bulldog have runny poop? What could be the reasons?

Living with a dog brings so many great things. However, sometimes, we have to deal with not so thrilling conditions that happen to our pets. When we talk about diarrhea in Frenchies, it may occur due to the following reasons:

  • diet change
  • food intolerance
  • ingestion of human’s food leftovers
  • ingestion of poisonous plants and foreign objects
  • stress
  • bacterial infections
  • parasites
  • colitis
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • teething phase

If you own a Frenchie puppy, the teething phase could be the trigger for diarrhea. Just like in human babies that go through a teeth growing process, diarrhea in French bulldogs can be followed by itchy and painful gums. Therefore, before you take your pup to see a vet, check his jaw and see if the gums are red, swollen, hot, and painful in touch.

Changes in your French bulldog’s diet can be another reason for having a runny poop. That’s why you should not feed your pet with food leftovers and should gradually perform any type of diet change. If you couldn’t solve your dog’s diarrhea in two days, then write down all the symptoms you’ve noticed and consult with your vet.

Why does my French bulldog have runny poop

How to solve runny poops in your French bulldog?

Usually, diarrhea in dogs can be solved in one or two days by switching to a ‘fasting diet’. It’s important to react on time from the first shown symptoms in order to escape dehydration. Your Frenchie’s hydration should take an important part in dealing with diarrhea, as well as feeding him with ingredients that will harden the stool.

Boiled white rice is one of the best ingredients that help with runny stools. The water where the rice has been boiled is also beneficial because it helps the lining of the intestinal tract. Your dog will get the essential electrolytes and will calm the bowels by eating ‘rice soup’.

While your Frenchie is fasting, encourage him to drink a few sips of water every hour. Monitor other symptoms closely and if vomiting occurs, then you gotta see your vet immediately. There is a high possibility that your pooch ate something poisonous outdoor, so he might go through a mechanical flushing of the bowels.

Other ingredients that you can include a day after you’ve fed your Frenchie with rice are yogurt and boiled chicken breast without skinYogurt contains healthy probiotics that restore normal balance to the digestive tract. On the other hand, chicken meat is a great source of protein that dogs of all ages need.

why does my french bulldog have runny poop

Why does my French bulldog have runny poop? Is it maybe a food intolerance?

Runny stools in dogs may also occur due to intolerance to certain ingredients. Sometimes, it might be difficult to determine the trigger, so that’s why I recommend you remember the time when do the runny stools occur.

If you’ve noticed there is a connection with your dog’s diet, then you should gradually switch him to another one. Some dogs are more comfortable eating raw diets than dry kibble. Therefore, before you make a final decision, I recommend you consult your vet first. He might recommend you trying elimination diet to determine the triggers.

So far, I had the best experience with the BARF diet for French bulldogs. It seemed like the best choice because I’m the only one who tailors my dog’s meals. However, it wouldn’t have to be the case with your dog too. Some dogs simply prefer eating dry kibble food. If you’re still in doubt what food to choose for a Frenchie, I advise you to read the following article about the best dog food brands for French bulldogs.

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What Is A Long Haired French Bulldog? Revealed

French bulldogs come in many colors and sizes. From standard coat colors to those rare-colored Frenchies that catch everyone’s eye. However, the list doesn’t end here. Lately, a long haired French bulldog took a lot of attention, so that’s why we want to reveal all the facts about this little gremlin.

Who is a long haired French bulldog?

Not many of you have seen a long haired French bulldog, however, they really exist. They have distinctive bat ears, Frenchie’s body shape, and visibly longer hair from standard Frenchies. The wavy, and longer hair usually occurs on their heads, and slightly goes into shorter on the back. Despite the fact this type of a Frenchie is not recognized by the AKC, it’s actually a completely healthy dog with rare genes. The rare long hair in French bulldogs occurs due to the parents’ possession of the recessive gene.

The recessive L4 gene should be found in both parents but they should not necessarily have long haired coats. They only need to be carriers. A similar situation happens in human genetics. For example, the red hair genes can skip several generations, and then when both parents are carriers of the same gene, they may get a child with red hair.


How much does a long haired French bulldog cost?

Compared to standard coat Frenchies, long haired Frenchies are higher in price. Their price can range from 5.000 to 15.000 $. The price is determined not only by a dog’s appearance but also by its health. So, before you decide to buy a long haired Frenchie, our advice is to find a trusted breeder who will provide you with all the essential health certificates.

A long haired French bulldog is not so easy to find, and the breeder who wants to breed these puppies should perform DNA tests that are high in price. As you can see, producing healthy Long haired Frenchies takes a lot of effort and money, so that’s why they are so expensive.

long haired french bulldog

Long haired French bulldog colors

Just like other types of Frenchies, these cute gremlins come in a large range of coat colors. Besides they come in standard colors such as cream, white, and fawn, they may also have chocolate, lilac, and blue coats.

When we talk about markings, they include black, piebald, and brindle masks. Since long haired Frenchies are not allowed to compete in shows, they often find places in families with kids because of their friendly personalities.

Long haired French bulldog temperament

They are considered for calm and affectionate dogs that rarely show aggression. Thanks to their portable sizes, they often find places in apartment-living conditions.

Since they have been bred to serve as lovely companions, Frenchies don’t like to spend time alone. So, this might be one of the things to consider if you decide to buy this puppy. Long haired French bulldogs also act great with other dogs. If you provide them with good socialization, you’ll live with an obedient and charming four-legged friend.

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How To Travel With A French Bulldog? Can They Fly?

As a French bulldog owner, you’ve probably heard a lot of debate about this breed’s health concerns while traveling. Depending on the type of trip, you need to make a list of essentials that will ease your stay. Since ‘How to travel with a French bulldog?‘ is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients, I decided to relieve this topic. Other questions include ‘Is it safe to travel on an airplane with your Frenchie, and are they allowed to fly in cargo?’ These are only some facts to consider before you decide to travel this summer season.

travel with a french bulldog

How to travel with a French bulldog? The ultimate tips

Traveling with your French bulldog should be a memorable experience for both of you. That’s why it’s essential to bring items that will ease your trip. On the other hand, if you’re planning to travel with a French bulldog by plane, I recommend you to first find an airline that doesn’t ban this breed to fly. Since Frenchies have brachycephalic skulls, they are not allowed to fly in cargo like other dog breeds. Lately, many airlines made this decision due to an increased number of brachycephalic dogs’ deaths.

Not only Frenchies may experience problems with breathing due to going through the ‘airplane ear’ syndrome, but also because they belong to companion dogs. French bulldogs may also find flying as a stressful experience. They are on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety when spending time separated from their owners. Therefore, instead of giving up on traveling, I recommend you to find an airline that allows you to take the dog with you in the cabin. Make sure you check the rules about the dog’s size that is allowed to travel with a dog nanny before you buy tickets.

travel with a french bulldog

What to bring when traveling with your Frenchie?

  • Health certificate

A week or two before you decide to travel with a French bulldog, I recommend you to visit your vet to get a health certificate. It is a sort of declaration that your pet is ready to travel and that he/she got all the vaccines.

  • Pet’s passport

Just like humans, your Frenchie should have a passport that allows him/her to travel to foreign countries.

Bringing portable water bottles for your Frenchie is essential because you surely don’t want him to dehydrate. However, don’t allow the dog to drink plenty of water during flight or car ride. Otherwise, your dog may have potty messes and start to vomit.

  • Bring your dog’s favorite snacks

Every trip gets better by eating snacks. Therefore, relax your Frenchie, and use snacks as a reward for his obedience. Show your dog affection and cuddle him because that’s how you will prevent him from anxiety.

  • Disinfectant wipes

Don’t forget to bring disinfectant wipes to disinfect your dog’s paws and your hands when you enter the plain.

Choose the time of travel

If you’re traveling in the summer, then I suggest you choose the morning hours for your departure. In that way, you’ll escape the hottest part of the day and prevent your dog from heatstroke. This should be the rule to follow, especially in case you’re planning to travel with a French bulldog by car. Here is the checklist of the essentials to bring when going with a Frenchie on the trip.

What to bring when you go hiking with your Frenchie?

Go hiking with a French bulldog is definitely challenging because they don’t belong to working and high-energy dogs. Long walks, and going hiking with a Frenchie might sound like a great adventure. However, instead of exposing this breed to great physical exertion, my suggestion is to use a French bulldog backpack carrier.

The Frenchie World store offers you a great assortment of carriers for French bulldogs that can be used on any type of travel. The following Dog backpack sack carrier has adjustable points and parts made of breathable mesh. It’s made of solid fabric and you can use it not only when you travel with a French bulldog but also when a dog has mobility issues.

travel with a french bulldog

What else you should not forget to bring when traveling with a Frenchie?

  • Harness and leash with the dog’s ID tag

Choose a high-quality French bulldog harness that will keep your dog safe while walking in a new area. Your dog might start acting insecure or pulling you in order to explore the new environment. That’s why I suggest you bring a harness instead of a collar for a Frenchie. Harnesses keep the dog’s spine and hips in a healthy position and transmit the pressure to their chest area.

travel with a french bulldog

Depending on the area you’re planning to travel, I advise you to bring your French bulldog’s clothes to make him warm or to prevent him from overheating. Use summer-cooling items if you’re traveling in the summer such as a cooling collar or a summer cooling vest.

In case you’re planning your trip during colder months, then you better not leave the house without bringing warm and padded jackets for your Frenchie. Since these pooches have thin and one-layered coats, they may suffer from hypothermia.

travel with a french bulldog

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Should I Choose BARF Diet For French Bulldogs?

If you own a French bulldog, then you’re probably familiar with their tendency to suffer from allergies and flatulence if they’re fed with an inappropriate diet. That’s why it might sound difficult to choose the right dog food brand for your little gremlin. Since eating healthy ingredients leaves a great impact on a dog’s health, we all need to become careful about feeding our Frenchies with specific ingredients. If you’ve already tried numerous food brands and your dog is still showing signs of allergy and flatulence, then it’s the ultimate time to start with the BARF diet for French Bulldogs.

barf diet for french bulldogs

What is the BARF diet for French bulldogs?

We all know that dogs used to eat raw food before they became domesticated. They used to hunt prey and ate vegetable scraps. Thanks to the veterinarian and nutritionist Dr. Ian Billinghurst, the principle of the BARF is to feed canines with the food they evolved to eat. It’s raw meat, bones, and fresh veggies and fruits.

The BARF diet is a nickname of ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ and ‘Bones and Raw Food’. It’s moderate in fat, high in proteins, and consists of a minimal amount of carbohydrates. They’re actually the main culprits for Frenchie’s flatulence and allergies.

The good side of this diet is that you can tailor the menu of your dog. You’ll be the only one who will control the quality of ingredients and will stay calm-minded because the meals will be free of artificial ingredients.

barf diet for french bulldogs

How Do I make dog food for my French bulldog?

The BARF diet for Frenchies includes the following ingredient:

  • Raw meaty bones
  • Fresh fruits and veggies
  • Vegetables that should be cooked
  • Muscle meat
  • Organ meat

When we talk about the amount, one rule of thumb is to feed 2-4 % of Frenchie’s body weight. On the other hand, your French bulldog’s needs may also vary due to his activity level, age, and outdoor temperament. Therefore, closely observe all the facts before you switch to another diet.

Frenchies best suit eating chicken breast meat (without skin), different fish such as salmon, and beef.  Avoid fatty cuffs, including raw bacon. Before you serve a meal, I recommend you cut it into easy-to-chew chunks. Buy meat only in well-checked butchers that sell fresh and safe meat.

Switching to a raw diet might sound scary at first, so that’s why I recommend you to follow these rules:

  • The BARF Diet for French bulldogs must include calcium. It’s important for dogs, and especially puppies that need a solid source of minerals.
  • Organs are multi-vitamins. They are nutrient-rich parts of the animal and without them, your pooch will be missing important vitamins.
  • Muscle meat is the foundation that builds strong tissue. It also affects the hormones and enzymes your pet needs to survive.
  • It’s true that your dog needs fat however, it’s not so much of it that it robs him of other essential ingredients.
  • Don’t get hung up on veggies and fruits.
  • Keep your Frenchie’s diet starch-free because it can only cause gasses and skin problems.
  • Feed Fish once or twice a week because they’re the main sources of omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that promote healthy skin. Fish also improve immunity, so it’s one more reason to choose it.
frenchie refuses to eat

What are the benefits of feeding a Frenchie with the BARF diet?

This type of diet will not only make your Frenchie’s coat look smooth and shiny, but will also help in decreasing gasses.

Should I Choose BARF Diet For French Bulldogs?Your dog’s skin and coat will be less smelly because he’ll no longer eat food rich in artificial colors and ingredients.

It’s proven that the BARF diet helps in removing plaque and tartar, so your Frenchie will heave healthies teeth.

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Gifts For French Bulldog Lovers- The Ultimate Guide

We all enjoy buying gifts for our special persons because seeing their faces happy is priceless. Whether you want to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, or a cousin, you surely want to buy a unique gift that can’t be found in every corner. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best gifts for French bulldog lovers. We are sure that you’ll find your favorite pick because each item has been inspired by these little batpigs.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

What are the best gifts for French bulldog lovers?

If the person you’re buying a gift is Frenchie lover or owner, then you’ll surely not make mistake by buying one of the following Frenchie-inspired goods. We’ve selected slippers, bedding sets, mugs, art canvases, and even French bulldog t-shirts that can be worn on different occasions.

French bulldog art canvas

Decorating the interior represents one of the most exciting moments for many of us. Our homes are the places where we spend most of our time so that’s why we need to make them cozy, pretty, and fresh. Sometimes, adding a small detail will bring new vibes that will fulfill the space with new and fresh energy. The following French bulldog art canvas represents a perfect pick for those who adore these adorable creatures. You can choose between different prints that have been inspired by the beauty of Frenchies. The paintings are printed on high-quality canvas with waterproof inks and come in many sizes.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Mini Frenchie Ceramic Statue

Who’s told that gifts for French bulldog lovers can’t have the shape of a Frenchie? These 3d ceramic French bulldog ornaments represent an ideal pick for those who want to refresh their favorite space in the house or at work. The Mini Frenchie Ceramic Statue comes in different colors and it’s made of glossy ceramic. It will suit the modern type of interiors of those who love these furry gremlins infinitely.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Geometric French Bulldog Sweatshirt

If the person you’re buying a gift is a sport or casual type, then she’ll surely want to have this Geometric French bulldog sweatshirt in her closet. It is super soft, cozy and the relaxed fit makes it perfect for spending relaxing moments with a Frenchie on the sofa. The sweatshirt has been emblazoned with a print of geometric Frenchie and the quality of the fabric makes it a perfect choice for different occasions.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Women’s Luxury French Bulldog Watch

Sometimes adding the right accessorize may be a million-dollar worth item for your style. That’s why it would be great to refresh your outfit with a unique detail inspired by a Frenchie. This Women’s watch will always remind you how much you love your pet. It comes with an adjustable silicone belt and will serve as a chic detail on different occasions.

frenchie gift

French Bulldog Secrets Hardcover Book

If you’re planning to buy a Frenchie, or your special person has just brought a Frenchie puppy home, then it would be a good idea to have an ultimate guide about taking care of French bulldogs. This French bulldog Secrets Hardcover Book is written by the founder of the Frenchie World Aleksandar Gligorić. He is a world-famous French bulldog breeder that has sold his Frenchie puppies to many Hollywood celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Jamie Foxx, and many others. In this book, you’ll find useful tips about how to feed and take care of your Frenchie. It will also provide you with useful info such as when is the time to see a vet and what vaccines your puppy should get.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Personalized French Bulldog Necklace

Since there’s no woman who doesn’t consider her dog for her child, we’re sure that you would love to wear a necklace with engraved your dog’s name. This French bulldog necklace is a perfect gift for every Frenchie mom. The pendant will carry your dog’s name and it’s perfect to match with different outfits.

frenchie gifts

French Bulldog Ceramic Mug

If you can’t imagine starting the day without drinking a first-morning coffee, then this French Bulldog Mug will become your favorite pick. Emblazoned with your best friend, your Frenchie, this mug will provide you with a dose of energy every time you use it. The mug comes with a lid, straw, and a spoon. Therefore, you can use it for different types of beverages.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

French Bulldog Luggage Protective Cover

There is no better reason than packing luggage for going on vacation. When we talk about choosing gifts for French bulldog lovers, we’re sure that no one would ever remember to buy a protective cover for luggage. That’s why it would be great to thrill your special person with such a unique gift. This luggage cover is stretchable and comes in different sizes.


Where’s My Coffee Unisex Tee

For all those sleepy beauties who look like this Frenchie when they wake up, we’ve prepared this funny pick to refresh your wardrobe. The t-shirt is suitable both for men and women, and it’s made of 100 % breathable cotton. You can wear it with jeans, skirts, or short because it’s perfect for daily wear.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

3D Bulldog Puppy Glitter iPhone Case

Turn your phone into a Frenchie-inspired item by using protecting it with this 3D iPhone Case. The case is transparent and it carries a sleepy 3d French bulldog.

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The Best French Bulldog Life Jacket in 2020

We all agree that going to the beach requires bringing equipment that will provide us spending a pleasant time at the beach. And, if you’re planning to go swimming with your Frenchie, then you’re probably aware of the fact that they need essential equipment too. French bulldog life jacket is definitely one of the most important items that will help your dog float.

french bulldog life jacket

How to choose the best French bulldog life jacket for your dog?

Summer season is definitely one of the most beautiful and exciting parts of the year. It’s the time when not only humans but also our dogs love to refresh and enjoy swimming. If you’re an owner of a Frenchie, then you gotta keep in mind that French bulldog can’t swim.

They have stout bodies, short legs, and flat muzzles that are not capable to inhale enough air at once to keep them floating. Although some Frenchies might look like they know to swim, they’re actually not capable to sustain long swimming. They quickly get tired due to their restricted airflow system and short necks that don’t allow them to keep the head above the water. Unlike other dog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Border Collies, French bulldog’s paws are not ‘constructed’ for swimming. Therefore, using a quality French bulldog jacket is of high importance.

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket is available in neon colors that will make your dog spotted when spending time on the beach. At the same time, it’s padded with floating panels that provide superior buoyancy while spending time in the water. Another feature that we need to mention is the Sharkfin that brings a dangerous appearance in a cute way.

french bulldog life jacket

On the top, just behind a dog’s neck, there is a handle that provides you to grab your pet in emergency situations. This French bulldog life jacket has an adjustable strap around a dog’s neck and the belly as well. The mesh fabric serves to provide essential ventilation and to allow the skin to breathe. The metal D ring serves to attach the leash when you want to have a stroll with your pooch.


  • attractive colors and design
  • adjustable parts
  • attractive sharkfin
  • ensured with thick foam

Frenchie World Life safety vest

Made of high-quality oxford fabric, this French bulldog life jacket will make your dog comfortable and safe in the water. For better safety, we’ve put two belly straps that will give the perfect fit. Besides, this vest doesn’t cover the privates which is a very useful feature for small male puppies.

french bulldog life jacket

The reflective straps on the dog’s back will provide essential visibility while swimming, and the handle helps you to easier maneuver with your dog. The straps that help you set the size will provide your dog with safety all together with a sturdy velcro padded with soft fabric.Features:

  • available in neon colors
  • reflective parts
  • supports natural swim
  • straps can be customized

Frenchie World® Shark Life Swimming Vest

Ensured with floating panels on a dog’s belly, this French bulldog life jacket will provide with extra safety your pet while swimming. It’s made of solid diving fabric that won’t irritate the Frenchie’s skin. The edges are carefully crafted without sharp parts that could cause cuts and redness.

This Frenchie life jacket has adjustable nylon straps, quick-release buckles, and velcro on the neck and belly. It is available in grey color, and a cute fin serves to make your dog spotted.


  • attractive design
  • stylish and safe
  • ensured with velcro and straps
  • durable handle and D-ring
french bulldog life jacket

French Bulldog Life Swimming Jacket

Unlike the previous life vests, this one features an added part that goes under the dog’s chin. It serves to help your dog keep the head above the water while swimming. The vest is available in 2 patterns and it’s made of durable and soft neoprene fabric. The buoyancy panels are put on the upper and side parts, while the wide velcro strap and belts are found on the belly. On-top you’ll find a rescue handle that can be used in case your pup has trouble while spending time in the water.

french bulldog life jacket


  • added extension for the chin
  • good cut for Frenchies
  • comes with a practical handle
  • high-quality buoyancy panels

Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

If you’re searching for a unique French bulldog life jacket for your dog, look no more! This one definitely stands out from the crowd and will add a spotted detail for your Frenchie.The vest is available in different colors, and comes with an extension that comes under the dog’s chin. Since Frenchies have short necks, this can be an especially beneficial feature to consider. Since the size can be customized, you don’t have to worry if it will fit well. The velcro on the belly is sewn on a diving fabric that is double ensured with belts.

french bulldog life jacket


  • shiny and eye-catching pattern
  • the added part that goes under the dog’s chin
  • adjustable size
  • practical handle

French Bulldog Swimming Life Jacket

Made of high-quality diving fabric, this French bulldog life jacket will certainly make a difference in your dog swimming. It is well-padded, ensured with thick foamy panels, and features breathable parts to improve ventilation. Besides, this life vest has reflective straps, and a metal D ring that will allow you to have a walk with your pup near the water. Since underarm padding is one of the most important things to consider when buying goods for a Frenchie, we’ve put a low cut to make your dog comfy.

frenchie life jacket


  • high-quality diving fabric
  • reflective straps
  • ventilation holes that allow the skin to breathe
  • padded with floating panels

French Bulldog Life Jacket buying guide

Before you make a final decision about buying a French bulldog life jacket, our advice is to consider the level of buoyancy. Make sure that the vest/ jacket has enough foamy panels to support your French bulldog’s swimming.

The size is also essential, so you need to follow the size guide and measure your pet before ordering. Remember that the right size entails more comfort and safety. When we talk about the durability, the right French bulldog life jacket should be made of professional neoprene or diving fabric. They are more likely to last longer than others.

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