What Is A Long Haired French Bulldog? Revealed

What Is A Long Haired French Bulldog? Revealed

French bulldogs come in many colors and sizes. From standard coat colors to those rare-colored Frenchies that catch everyone’s eye. However, the list doesn’t end here. Lately, a long haired French bulldog took a lot of attention, so that’s why we want to reveal all the facts about this little gremlin.

Who is a long haired French bulldog?

Not many of you have seen a long haired French bulldog, however, they really exist. They have distinctive bat ears, Frenchie’s body shape, and visibly longer hair from standard Frenchies. The wavy, and longer hair usually occurs on their heads, and slightly goes into shorter on the back. Despite the fact this type of a Frenchie is not recognized by the AKC, it’s actually a completely healthy dog with rare genes. The rare long hair in French bulldogs occurs due to the parents’ possession of the recessive gene.

The recessive L4 gene should be found in both parents but they should not necessarily have long haired coats. They only need to be carriers. A similar situation happens in human genetics. For example, the red hair genes can skip several generations, and then when both parents are carriers of the same gene, they may get a child with red hair.


How much does a long haired French bulldog cost?

Compared to standard coat Frenchies, long haired Frenchies are higher in price. Their price can range from 5.000 to 15.000 $. The price is determined not only by a dog’s appearance but also by its health. So, before you decide to buy a long haired Frenchie, our advice is to find a trusted breeder who will provide you with all the essential health certificates.

A long haired French bulldog is not so easy to find, and the breeder who wants to breed these puppies should perform DNA tests that are high in price. As you can see, producing healthy Long haired Frenchies takes a lot of effort and money, so that’s why they are so expensive.

long haired french bulldog

Long haired French bulldog colors

Just like other types of Frenchies, these cute gremlins come in a large range of coat colors. Besides they come in standard colors such as cream, white, and fawn, they may also have chocolate, lilac, and blue coats.

When we talk about markings, they include black, piebald, and brindle masks. Since long haired Frenchies are not allowed to compete in shows, they often find places in families with kids because of their friendly personalities.

Long haired French bulldog temperament

They are considered for calm and affectionate dogs that rarely show aggression. Thanks to their portable sizes, they often find places in apartment-living conditions.

Since they have been bred to serve as lovely companions, Frenchies don’t like to spend time alone. So, this might be one of the things to consider if you decide to buy this puppy. Long haired French bulldogs also act great with other dogs. If you provide them with good socialization, you’ll live with an obedient and charming four-legged friend.

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