10 Reasons Why You Should Own An English Bulldog

10 Reasons Why You Should Own An English Bulldog

There are many dogs to choose from, but none are quite like the English bulldog. They may not be for everyone, but for those who envision man’s best friend as a short, stocky ball of wrinkles that snorts, farts, and sleeps all day, the bulldog is a perfect fit. Here are the top ten reasons why you should own an English bulldog:

This is a photo of an English Bulldog playing and running in the park

1. They’re adorable

No, but seriously. The wrinkles, the jowls, the saggy eyes. Bulldogs will melt your heart. There’s nothing like grabbing a giant head full of wrinkles and planting a fat kiss in the middle..

This is a photo of Bulldog Puppy Playing With Football
This is a photo of an English Bulldog named Isabella

2. They’re full of personality

There is never a dull moment with a bulldog. Whether it’s filling your home with snoring so loud it puts Uncle Dale’s sleep apnea to shame, or interrupting your thoughts with its infamous bodily functions, the English bulldog is guaranteed to make you smile.

3. Bulldogs are one of the best dogs for children

This is because they are remarkably calm, intensely loyal, and, well, quite lazy. A tugging, screeching child simply doesn’t bother them. Heck, they’ll even let a child dress them in a tutu and a cowboy hat without raising a paw.

This is a photo of an English Bulldog and Baby
This is a photo of Fabio male bulldog sire Napping on Ronny's Head

4. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to own one

Hate running? Prefer curling up on the couch? Then the bulldog’s your dog. While they do require some exercise, they make a poor running partner. In fact, most would rather spread their jowls on your feet than go for a jog.

5. Bulldogs are talented

Think border collies get all the credit? Well, you don’t see them surfing or riding a skateboard. You do see bulldogs, though. It’s partly because their stoutness gives them a low center of gravity, but it’s mostly because bulldogs are just plain cool.

This is a photo of an English Bulldog refusing food and sticking his tongue out

6. They’re stubborn

Depending on what you want in a dog, this might be a reason not to buy a bulldog. For some, though, the bulldog’s renowned stubbornness is one more reason to love them. There’s nothing funnier than your dog sitting down in the middle of the sidewalk because he doesn’t feel like walking back.

7. Their whines are hilarious

Seriously, though, look it up. There are hundreds of videos of bulldogs whining because they want your hamburger or feel entitled to your couch. No other dog’s vocal chords can compete.

This is a photo of an English Bulldog Whinning
This is a photo of an English Bulldog in a police uniform

8. Bulldogs make great watchdogs

They were, after all, bred to fight bulls. While that’s of course no longer expected of them, they will defend their homes and their families…..Unless the intruder brings a treat…..But …

9. They won’t be aggressive with you!

Bulldogs may look intimidating because of their stature, but they are hardly violent, especially with their families. They’re lovers, not fighters. Which brings us to the final reason to own an English bulldog

This is a photo of an English Bulldog with peace sign sunglasses

10.  Bulldogs bring the love

This is a photo of K.K.'s castlewood bulldogs mamm Last Litter of Two bulldog puppies males for sale

Ultimately, bulldogs are just plain lovable. And for people with the right personality, no one other dog will do

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