4 Tips for Naming Your English Bulldog

4 Tips for Naming Your English Bulldog

Congratulations! You’ve just adopted an adorable English bulldog puppy. While it may have been love at first sight, that won’t make naming your puppy any easier. We humans have difficulty naming our own children let alone our pets. So, if you’re scratching your head on what to name the newest addition to your family, then read over our tips on naming an English bulldog.


Dogs respond better to short and simple words. It’s why our commands are one or two words (sit, stay, lie down, play dead) rather than a sentence (“Please lie down on the couch”). Their names should be the same way. While you can certain make up a long and playful name for your dog such as Sir Patrick Von Pawson, you’ll want to call him by something with only one or two syllables, like Pat or Patrick.


Every English bulldog puppy has their own unique quirks and personality. You should keep this in mind when naming them. You don’t have to name your puppy right away, after all, and learning what their personality is like will help you narrow down on your possible choices. If your dog is athletic, for instance, you could name him after your favorite athlete.


While you want to keep your names short like commands, you don’t want to have them sound like commands as well. If you have a dog named Pitt, for instance, your dog could confuse it with “sit” and end up sitting down every time you call his name.


You can name your English bulldog a normal sounding name such as Toby or Jess, but don’t assume you’re limited to those options. With pet names, you can get more creative and playful than you can with human names, so have fun with it! Play around with whatever silly names come to mind and see if it fits your dog.

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